An investigation into the benefits of practising kindness – from health to wealth and everything in between.

A kind personal conduct will lead to a serene life – and that is the only pre-requisite to manifesting whatever it is you want to manifest. Why? Because you need a calm, worry-free (= serene) mind to create and envision the divine design of your life.

So what are some of the benefits linked to a kind outlook on life?

A smile on your face – every time you wake up, call it a day, meet anyone new, communicate your ideas, ask for help.

Fun and good times – genuine quality time, with yourself or other loving people; no drama or gossiping.

Fast demonstrations – you can either have your indignation, or your demonstration; choose wisely, kindness helps with that.

Love without expectations – when you’re kind, you love for the sake of loving; your joy comes from the act of loving itself; the gratification is immediate, doesn’t depend on anyone/anything at all.

Excellent health – kindness elevates your vibration; you start making healthier choices, attracting the right people, feeling the best way; your health (skin, hair, nails, filtration, rejuvenation, detox) will reflect all that.

Impressive creativity – kindness provides the time, energy and space for you to start creating; as a human being, your highest expression is creation; it’s an innate mission, what makes you feel good; it’s what makes your soul sing with joy; irrespective of the field or direction of your creation, kindness will unleash your creativity.

Joy of giving – kindness in living prompts you to give and feel amazing about it; again, it lets you find joy in the very act of giving; of course, as you start giving freely, you shall commence receiving freely.

Perfect love – kind people are an irresistible magnet for other kind, loving people; perfect love in you will attract perfect love in others; the rest is history!

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