For the monthly food review here on the blog – we thought to change things up and give you a guide for the dreamiest eateries, grocers and wellness bars in Berlin (since I’ve just moved here a few weeks ago).

Compared to Mexico (here, and here) everything in Berlin comes at a higher price point 🙂

The choice for organic fresh fruit and veg is larger, too! There’s dedicated bio grocery stores (I like one called Bio Company), açaí bowls come into a smaller serving (remember how huge the ones in Mexico were?).

What I like about Berlin is how novel things are – store designs, funky combinations (breakfast and yoga, pilates and lunch…), delicious people, and so on. Sure, that means you can get overwhelmed very easily, but I guess there’s a lesson to be learned in every struggle. And what a nice struggle to have this is!

Here’s a closer look at the May food extravaganza – Berlin edition 🙂

Yummiest Chocolate: Vivani brand (one of the two we tried is not vegan 😛 the other one is), can be found in places like Denn’s Biomarkt, Bio Company, etc.

Best Açaí: The Juicery, it’s so so tasty and they do a special thing where they drizzle coconut oil on the frozen fruit, thus turning everything into a crunchy sweet yumminess coated heaven!

Best Wildflower Adorned Avocado Crackers: my friend Mimi, find her here

Best Salads/Lunch Specials (And Cheap!): Factory Kitchen, in the heart of Berlin, Mitte. The staff is really friendly (say hi to Fiona) and you get to create your own salad, which is always cool and exciting!


Best Ice Cream Place (that I tried so far…): Suessfein, looking very instagrammable, boasting vegan options, and pint-size choices for your late night cravings!


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