Before we begin:

  • this is not a piece of fat shaming – all bodies are great bodies, and we LOVE our way into new conditions, instead of being miserable about ourselves.
  • my intention is to explain, in a radically simple manner, why you get fat, and how to reverse the process, should you wish to.

We are entitled to perfect health. It is our birthright. Most fat/skinny people suffer (personal experience), and we must stop that. We must reclaim our birthright. That is – perfect health!

Why Am I Fat?

In one word: ACIDOSIS.

A small amount of acids is necessary – it helps break down larger stuff. But overall, our body loves being alkaline, not acidic. So when our body is faced with acidosis (too many acids, coming from the food we eat and the lifestyle we live) it needs to neutralise it somehow. Here are the three ways acidosis is neutralised:

  1. Combat acidosis using hormones produced by the adrenals (also known as the stress glands.) These hormones are cholesterol-based. When the acidosis +++, cholesterol +++ (to produce more hormones needed to fight down acidosis). But because the adrenals soon fail (they need lots of sleep, peace and calm to recover…) the cholesterol +++ cannot be put to use –> GAIN WEIGHT.
  2. Use electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, etc.) to deal with acidosis. The body uses electrolytes from bones, muscles, other tissue, and if your thyroid/parathyroid aren’t in top-notch state, the electrolytes won’t be replaced –> osteoporosis, fractures, joint, hair, nails, teeth etc. issues.
  3. Fight down acidosis with the help of the water between cells. This will result in inflammation, water retention, swollen feet, palms, and so on.

If you’re fat, your body is dealing with a serious case of acidosis. Same goes for those of us who are skinny and don’t properly assimilate; faced with connective tissue issues, for instance.

Fat shaming, the stigma around body weight and absurd expectations are very real issues. They must be annihilated; replaced by a radically loving and all-embracing outlook. But so is the case with our personal acidosis.


How to Reverse the Process?

The good news is everything can be reversed. Our bodies are smart, strong entities and go through a great deal of work to offset and survive decades of abuse we put them through.

How you change your style in order to best honour your life is a personal decision, and a lifelong process.

Food Wise: you sustain life with life; ideally, you would only consume foods which are alive, such as fruit, and veggies, or green leaves. I know, it sounds radical, but so are the results yielded – miraculous 😉

Lifestyle Wise: do what you have to do in order to live your best life; grounded in serenity, doing what you love, living in beauty, interacting with positive people. Again, it is a very personal journey, because there is a Divine Design for each of us, and so it only makes sense the Perfect Plan to reach it would be personalised 🙂

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