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Healing and growing are like peeling an onion: the deeper you go, the more you’ll cry. So let not this process dismantle you, and just now, surrender the need to understand. Hands up if – whenever something beautiful, loving, and unexpectedly good happens to you, you […]



It is my intention to grow and expand my emotional library this year. Being able to point out specific emotions helps identify exactly what needs healing. Having an extensive emotional library also equips us with clarity, which is quintessential to manifesting the goodness we dream for. […]



The uber-confusing, ever-cleansing and emotionally-challenging rollercoaster that was September has eventually come to an end, so here’s to a splendid October – characterized by abundance, a great deal of unexpected resources coming through and just an overall bountiful four weeks ahead of us.

I am dwelving into October by setting up a brand new vision board (sweet post on how to do that coming A$AP), alongside picking up my affirmation work once again.

I feel like creativity’s gonna be on a roll this coming weeks, and making time to engage in any creative outlet is therefore essential in order to consciously expand and move forward. A lot of new projects, jobs, and personal campaigns that have just recently commenced around the start of October, so ‘energetic purification’ will be key to attain success (i.e. assign no meaning whatsoever to thoughts and mental patterns that may cause suffering – let them go away just like waves do; eat consciously and make sure your body has plenty of time to detox & get rid of both physical and emotional residue).

I’m also taking a new approach to the way I run my blog, not very sure what’ll change just yet – because part of the process requires for me to stay open and receive change any way it may come in – not just my way 😉

Be serene, joyful, go to bed early and do your work! (also, try Booja Booja vegan ice cream – got some the other day and it’s the bomb!! –> Maple Pecan is my fave <3 )

xxx – ur favourite bundle of light – xxx



Just back from an eye-opening trip to Malta, where I hardly ever ate vegan – and these are some of the things I’ve learned – cause all things (disasters included!) are lessons that god would have us learn 😉 Eating processed, acid forming foods (animal derived […]



Staying vegan at uni is, contrary to my grandma’s funny concerns, not that difficult! Let’s go ahead and see how I manage to survive such challenging circumstances (and how you can do that, too!). BREAKFAST Breakfast is always fruit for me. Mangoes are my absolute […]



My name’s Tudor and every year I go on the hunt to discover inspirational stories of people that have mastered the art of personal-bettering, therefore inspiring positive change among their community. 

I interview them and eventually publish our raw, honest conversations every December, as part of a campaign called ‘CELEBRATE YOU’.

The 2015 ‘CELEBRATE YOU’ interview campaign centers on self-discovery, spiritual revolution and healthy living. But it also tackles external validation, personal struggles, self-acceptance – in a bid to get readers to reconsider the way one’s true self is expressed.

Cristela Georgescu is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Professional, inspiring speaker advocating for holistic health education and all-round enlightened soul. This past year she has played such a pivotal act of change and empowerment for a following of thousands, myself included, that her feature on the ‘CELEBRATE YOU’ interview campaign only seemed fitting. Enjoy this incredibly honest, personal, tear-jerking even interview and embrace the understanding, patience and growth it carries for you!1) Tudor: I believe my life has no beginning, nor does it have an end. I love to think about my life as part of a greater film. I also love to think about my life as another generous chance: for my soul to learn that which it didn’t learn so far; for my spirit to get lighter and more at peace. Why do you think your soul decided to come on earth this time around, under these social circumstances and in the face of all current challenges?

Cristela: You’re asking me to recall that which I forgot, and I am already working on to remember 🙂 There is no doubt that Life is a giant classroom to the Soul. Everything that we experiment is part of the Curriculum.

The purpose of every human being is to continuously grow from within. I am no different. The purpose of the soul is to evolve in order to contribute to increasing the amount of Love and Light in the Universe. Mine is no different.

2) Tudor: I’ve seeked validation and outside acceptance for all of my life – and that’s evident in the way I’ve been filtering and altering my true self on the Internet. I’ve now begun to heal and change, but not associating a lack of likes and views with the ‘I’m not good enough’ mental pattern still is a struggle for me. What’s your history with outside validation and how are things between the two of you now?

Cristela: Since the early days of our life on Earth, we are raised within a system that fosters external validation as a measure of our greatness. Back in 2004, I became aware of this and it was a confronting awakening! I have been working on it with integrity ever since. If we seek the approval of others and are attached to the way they perceive us, we will not tell the truth about us, even when it is needed.

Now I am all clear in my mind, heart and soul that nothing, absolutely nothing coming from outside will bring us the good we seek in the physical, mental or emotional state.

3) Tudor: Last year I was struggling with accepting my body and approving of the way I look. As I’ve worked on it, on a daily basis, I am now able to feel genuine love and gratitude for my very own self. The way I can cherish my body these days and not feel disgusted by my reflection in the mirror has shown me that big shifts do happen as we grow and progress towards a ‘higher consciousness’. What is one major change that occurred in your mindset this year and how is it affecting your everyday life?

Cristela: Time is Life. Every wasted second is a wasted chance for our soul to fulfil its purpose.
98% of the people on Earth spend 98% of their time on things that don’t matter. We have no time to waste if we want to understand who we are and what our fundamental, sacred scope of our life is.

The amount of time that we are given – and which we are never sure of – is our most valuable asset. It is the sole mean to evolution and self-fulfilment. This realizations brought dramatic efficiencies to my social life/ interactions (including online) and dissolved many of my material and emotional attachments.

4) Tudor: Is there a person you’ve met or an event that’s happened to you this year that you’ve told no one about? If so, how did that change you and what impact did it have on you?

Cristela: Not really. I am always surrounded by a safe space where I can share my experiences safely. It is called: Family. My husband and I are truly one for ages.

5) Tudor: ‘If you hear a voice within you say YOU CANNOT PAINT, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.’ Change this quote by Van Gogh, replacing the word ‘paint’ with something unique to your own challenges.

Cristela: “If you hear a voice within you say YOU CANNOT GO TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT, then by all means go to bed before midnight and that voice will be silenced.'”

6) Tudor: What is the one thing that keeps you from breaking down? For me, I’ve grown this strong belief that life loves and supports me in every possible way.

Cristela: Everything happens in life according to an already established Divine Plan and Divine Order, which are both based exclusively on love without conditions. Take life as it presents itself, let go and move on.

God truly loves us unconditionally. There is no such thing as a parent taking pleasure in counting the mistakes of his children and hardly waiting to punish them. Moreover, God does not need to be hard on us, as we are too capable of doing this already… The door to love and forgiveness is always opened. We are the ones pretending that it is locked.

7) Tudor:  I haven’t found love in the form of a partner so far, and I believe that’s because I haven’t quite managed to fully love and accept myself. You can’t love somebody else if you can’t fully love yourself. Why do you believe people find it so hard to discover love, and do you believe in soulmates?

Cristela: Based on my own pilgrim, I would answer that one stands no chance to discover Love where there is Fear.

Yes, I do believe in soulmates, with all my heart. Nothing is aleatory in life, nor is it coincidental.

8) Tudor: Based on my very limited experience, I’d say relationships are lessons that pull us forward, and partners are there to offer us different bits and pieces we need in order to grow and progress. Therefore, I don’t believe a relationship’s ultimate quality is the amount of time it lasts for. How would you explain a relationship to your children, or even your child-self?

Cristela: You don’t have children of your own yet, dear Tudor. This is why you are in the paradigm that telling children things, matters. What actually matters to them is the energy that we emanate while we move through life. We are the book from which they learn what Life means.

To me, a relationship is no more than an exchange of extraordinary high vibrational, empowering energies. It is the principle I use to keep the space around me – clean.

A possible explanation of a relationship would be: “In times of shadow, we become angels with one wing only. For in order to fly to Light, there is only one possibility: we need to hold each other tight.”

9) Tudor: I believe we’re all made up of broken pieces. If I close my eyes and strip myself naked of all masks, I can still see the little Tudor who was being avoided and rejected for being skinny and weak and not manly enough. I can still see myself in middle school having mental breakdowns, smashing my head against the bed, crying, shacking and trembling with pain because I couldn’t cope anymore. Do you feel like, apart from all the beautiful parts in your life, you’re made out of broken ones as well?

Cristela: Well, that’s a tricky one, I would say. It is great to let the vulnerability of our being to manifest, but vigilantly. There is a fine line between vulnerability and victimization. Thinking too much or too often of the broken pieces we are made of, may subtly lead us to the drama in our life. Drama is the product of the Ego, which intends to get attention and distract us from healing and living responsibly.

We are made of Love and Light. The rest of the “Ingredient List” is a by-product of our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

10) Tudor: I would like to say that I am grateful for having experienced part of you, for having been touched by your light. On many days throughout this past year, you were the one that lifted me up, and sometimes just the thought of you was enough. I am forever grateful and I’m sure we’ll meet again – maybe in some distant times, maybe under different skies.

Cristela: Dear Tudor, thank you. We remain forever bounded in what we are made of: Love and Light.





My name’s Tudor and every year I go on the hunt to discover inspirational stories of people that have mastered the art of personal-bettering, therefore inspiring positive change among their community.  I interview them and eventually publish our raw, honest conversations every December, as part of a campaign […]



Talking to or vlogging for them. Writing about their stories. Telling mine. Building up the courage to make the first step. People. It’s people that make me happy! Another thing that makes me happy: eating. I’m serious about food. I blog about it and, being […]



This happens to me all the time. I either watch a YouTube video of somebody candidly talking about their latest crash or I just see someone I really really like and the pain gets me. It’s that type of daunting pain that triggers all of my inner-criticism , insecurities and fears.

By the looks of it, whenever there’s love around I suddenly get reminded of just how much I’m lacking it and would wish it were present in my life, as well. And, naturally, I get really desperate for love!

My mind goes back to the same old, negative patterns of self-hatred and before I know it I find myself in this shit storm of really damaging thoughts: ”I must not be attractive enough”, ”I must not be acting masculine enough”, ”It’s me, right?! I’m just not good enough”.

And even though I’ve been working really hard on all of these issues and, at certain points, even was under the impression that I’d overcome them, I have discovered we’re all a work in progress. And that means now nourishing, empowering thoughts are all over my mind – but so are some of the deeply-rooted, negative ones. The only difference is now I can bounce back to that hippie dippie place every time I hit rock bottom.

Reality is love isn’t about getting validation from a partner, nor from society for having one. Love is about growing and making progress in our own individual life journey, alongside a partner that can provide the lessons, tools and insight we lack. And that partner might show up sooner or later, or never, for a longer or a shorter period of time, but always for our highest good! May there be somebody for me, out there, too 🙂

Noua mea iubita: Sorina Soescu!

Noua mea iubita: Sorina Soescu!

La sfarsitul anului trecut, m-am indragostit iremediabil de Cristela. S-asa cum se intampla mereu, am inceput sa povestim despre prieteni, amintiri si viata asta frumoasa pe care o traim. Tot asa se face ca, intr-o seara, Cristela imi spune ceva despre o prietena si eroina […]


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