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My poop stinks, and my skinย breaks out;ย Iย feel like a gross pig and promise myself not to do ever do it again. That’s pretty much theย after mayhem of a meal out, and I would love to explore a bit on why that happens: Food is information. […]



This summer I’m on a quest to keep life simple (when it comes to food – that is!). Simple is power and simple gives you that much more energy, time and willingness to shine as bright as you’re supposed to be shining.ย  Breakfast – already […]



Staying vegan at uni is, contrary to my grandma’s funny concerns, not that difficult! Let’s go ahead and see how I manage to survive such challenging circumstances (and how you can do that, too!).


Breakfast is always fruit for me. Mangoes are my absolute fave babes, but I also have bananas, citrus, persimmons andย apples. It’s now been a year already since I went for fruit only breakfasts – and I love it: always sweet and tasty, colourful, and funย to make ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, fruit (the sweeter, the better) haveย an incredibly alkaline effect on our body, thus being one of the most balanced foods out there! I have yet to find a local farmer’s market (local and naturally produced is always the safest bet), so I’m stuck with regular supermarket trips for now – but I try to stay hopeful ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’m usually on campus for lunch, and that means options (especially healthy ones) are kinda limited. What I normally get is either a falafel wrap (that theย super friendly ladies over at the salad bar ย make and warm up for me) or a falafel salad. To stay away from the nasty salad dressings they have on display I just ask them to drop some beetroot in – but that only works as long as you don’t have anything against it haha!

If, by any miraculous ways, I’m home for lunch, then I’ll make myself some avocado toast (which is my absolute favourite, I mean… I can’t even!!!). And by ‘some avocado toast’ I mean a lot of it :))


There isn’t such a thing as a day without snacks! There just isn’t! Might be because of my fast metabolism, or cause I’ve always been skinny and can eat a ton – but snacks are a constant part of my life. You can probably find a Nakd Orange-Chocolate Bar on me at all times. And I’ve also developed this really healthy relationship (obsession others may argue…) with hummus. I mean… I’m now making it for myself and the number of times I’ve caught myself on the sofa, with a jar of hummus and some sweet peppers on the side has … hmm… increased…

Another perfect thing to snack on (kinda) is granola and almond/coconut/oat milk. I do that quite often, as well.

Cold-pressed juices are also a magical solution. I left my slow juicer (it’s aย Hurom one) back home, since it proved pretty impossible to carry in my crammed suitcase, so I generally go for the Savse ones (the beetroot one is my favourite, even if it looks horrendous!).

Occasionally, if time is limited and my meal plan’s still got some spare cash, I get sandwiches from my uni’s cafeteria (they do some vegan ones – really overpriced though).


Dinner happens at my uni’s cafeteria. The chef there is really sweet and makes something vegan for me every night. She loves chickpeas, currys, stuffed peppers (had an particularly amazing one the other day) and falafel – so I eat a lot of that. I generally get salad for my side choice (that and some crazy good baked sweet potatoes they have from time to time).

Fridays are Family Dinner Nights with my lovely squad – we go to this new Mexican place called JC’s and this is the type of foodย I usually get:

Pretty sure I could go on and on forever with everything I eat – but hey, that’s what my Instagram is for ๐Ÿ™‚

Super curious about the things everybody else eats at uni – I could really use some spicing up my food life haha!

A Very Vegan British Airline

A Very Vegan British Airline

This summer I had to fly British Airways to Vancouver, via Heathrow and being the vegan that I am, I went for their vegan meal options, on both legs of my flight to the Canadian city. I’m always excited about the whole airplane experience so […]

Inghetata raw magnifica din doua ingrediente

Inghetata raw magnifica din doua ingrediente

De cand am inceput sa fac inghetata raw vegana, parca focul pasiunii mele pentru bucataria vie arde si mai puternic ๐Ÿ™‚ La inceput, aveam eu o idee fixa in cap cum ca inghetata raw se face folosind foarte mult caju sau migdale, iar lucrul asta […]

Reclamele in scoli: cum le fura mintile copiilor

Reclamele in scoli: cum le fura mintile copiilor

Din ce in ce mai multe scoli ofera spatii de reclama, de multe ori nu prin clasicele bannere sau fluturasi, ci prin aparate de vandut cafea, mancare, agende, echipamente sportive sau chiar cantine. Este oare corect ceea ce fac?


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