Picture this:

My dad was holding me close to his chest – in one of those cute baby carriers. I was just a few months old. And then I just stopped breathing. My dad panicked – I simply turned blue.

There was a hospital close by, so my dad naturally rushed there. As he started running, I miraculously started breathing again. They ran tests on me for any serious brain damage. Luckily, they turned out all right.

I forget – many times – to be grateful for the gift of life. Like many others, I tend to complain – not realising how – the more I complain, the more I attract things to complain about.

In reality, the gift of life – and the miracles this entails (a saving gesture, the right people in the right place at the right time, perfect circumstances) are precious and worthy of our gratitude.

I want to encourage you today to find and remember the unique happenings in your life, for which you are so very grateful. A time you survived death, or a day when you felt on top of the world. A time in your life somebody took loving care of you, or a period in your life when things worked out for your highest good. Spend some time feeling grateful, and lucky, and special – because that’s just what you are!!

There have been two other occasions in my life when I survived death. They took place at a later stage of my childhood, so I do have some rather vivid memories about them. I will share them with you shortly.

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