Any good conditions can be added to your life, and all failing conditions can be removed from it.

You just need to have the right mental equivalent. Think the right way (- easy), and maintain the right way (- hard).

Mentoring with Tudor works this way:

  • Finding out about you – this is where you’re at the centre of attention
  • Discovering obstacles  – what keeps you from being serene?
  • Selecting tools – the strategy that’s right for you, always changes, since it’s a dynamic world
  • Achieving success – or what we call ‘The Square of Life’

More specifically, the main elements we work on are:

  • Wholesome nutrition
  • Simplifying life – minimum efforts, maximum results
  • New Paradigm – what are the rules of life, and how do we play this game?

You are unique, and so is every mentoring session. Be assured, we will be touching on a number of other topics relevant to your lasting well-being, such as (a variety of my favourites):

  • International Business
  • Digital Communications
  • Business Models (yes, especially startups!)
  • Skincare
  • Dreams and journaling
  • Mom + kids’ daily dynamic
  • Understanding hunger
  • First Class Detox

Tudor has been working for and trained at a number of globally-renowned institutions, such as:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Tec de Monterrey
  • Factory Berlin
  • Hershey’s

His holistic wisdom is due to his holistic way of living, which includes nutrition studies, yoga courses, and exclusive partnerships with medical practitioners across a number of countries!

If you want to be serene, and demonstrate greatness – in the most palpable and physical way possible, book a mentoring session and get ready for fun, games and success 🙂


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