They’re tiny and simple – a candid reminder that lasting joy can be found when you least expect it:

1) ME, POTATOES AND A GARDEN: well, one day last spring I was home alone, feeling lonely and forgotten. So I made some mashed potatoes, went outside into the back garden, sat on the grass and ate it. Sky was at dusk, an ant tried crawling up my bowl. Wind was chilly, but I really was at ease.

2) A BENCH, SOME WIND AND A VIEW OF VANCOUVER: this was on my last day of Spring break, which I spent in Vancouver. I’d just finished late lunch, by myself, at a place I really wanted to try before leaving (called cactus club cafe). Went outside, and there was these beautiful waterfront promenade. Found a bench, took a seat, put my feet up, and just existed. It was gusty, but I had my cousin’s warm long coat. My eyes teared (windy!), my heart filled with emotion, and I felt so little in the face on skyscraping beauty 🙂

3) AN ACAI BOWL, UNHAPPY WAITERS, AND A MATURE GUY: not too long ago, I had my first ever acai bowl, somewhere healthy and overpriced in Mexico City. There I was, just me and the acai bowl – all I could feel was bliss. I loved every slurp of it. Why didn’t I try it sooner? Around me, the room was busy with grumpy waiters. Why are they so unhappy, I remember thinking. Would I act the same way, if I were them? All of a sudden, an old guy was sat next to me, at the long communal table. He was by himself, too. And despite his age, he made sure to take a picture of the food before delving in. I thought that was funny.  Will I ever do that?

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