Welcome inside my house here in quaint old England and let’s now take a look at the beauty supplies I use on my face, hair, body and teeth:

  • Handmade soap for when I shower. I’ve been loving Sabio soaps for a while now, though certain ones didn’t quite deliver smell-wise. I find that with handmade soaps there’s no harsh ingredients (which my skin seems to appreciate), none of the industrial chemicals commonly used in commercial products, plus the variety and mix of smell shapes and aromas is fantastic!
  • Dead Sea Spa face wash. Which isn’t ideal, I know (nor fully organic or natural!), but I run out of my regular face wash that I get in Sabio, and Dead Sea Spa looked like the next best option in my local Holland&Barrett. With face washes, what I found to work best for me is oil-based products (jojoba oil most notably!).
  • Sukin face cream. Again, this Sukin Oil Balancing Mattifying face moisturiser is something I’ve discovered once my Sabio supplies were over – but I’m very happy I did so, because I’ve come to love Sukin’s whole range. All products smell really nice, are carbon neutral, paraben and SLS free, plus they’re Australian (and I’ve got a soft spot for Australia-anything, so that helps haha).
  • Young Living essential oils, in place of deodorant (and aftershave). These essential oils are the most expensive of all beauty things I use, however they’re top-notch quality, smell like nothing else I’ve tried, last forever (used up 20 ml over the last 8 months) and are therapeutic-grade. That being said, and with summer fast approaching, I’ve also started using Sukin’s natural deodorant, which smells de li cious and can be used as a compromise for when I choose not to splurge on Young Living.
  • Charcoal and clay toothpaste. Always going for fluoride-free and as natural as possible when it comes to my teeth. Lined up next is a toothpaste from Ecodenta, which is charcoal and makes me really excited to try out 🙂


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