Salami sandwiches and a sturdy cup of milk is what I’d usually have for breakfast, throughout most of my upbringing really. Weekends were for omelettes, topped with bacon and drenched in butter…

Fast-forward to my becoming vegan, breakfast quickly turned into this super-tricky meal to fix: I never quite knew what to have, and my deep-seated history made it feel like nothing was ever filling enough.

And that’s how old fears and detrimental beliefs managed, for possibly too long, to keep me away from the one, most-beneficial, digestion-friendly and energy-boosting morning food: FRUIT!

This summer I’m *ecstatically* celebrating one year of having fruit, just fruit and nothing but fruit for breakfast! I can now honestly say that, ever since starting my vegan journey, choosing fruit for breakfast has been the greatest step I could’ve taken, and the one I’ll never stop talking and raving about 🙂

There’s many things one can do differently when first getting started on a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle, but fruit for breakfast worked so well for me (and could probably do wonders for you, too!) considering that:

– mornings and an empty stomach are the best set-up for fruit digestion – fruit comes in and goes out of your system the fastest of all them food groups, so having nothing (literally!) stand between your fruit meal and the glorious way out is essential. And pretty much only achievable throughout mornings 🙂

– the mere thought of a yummy, colorful, energy-boosting bowl-full of fruit makes me so excited for the day ahead. I go to bed thinking about the delish treat waiting for me in the morning, and I wake up eager to reach for my fruit supplies.

– fruit is, for the most part, incredibly alkaline. Not only does fruit provide us with all important nutrients (antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, you know the drill), but it also aids in the detox process, gets the lymph moving and … in all fairness, makes for some gorgeous Instagram posts ;))


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