I’m currently living in the UK, but just back from a month-long trip in Canada and the US, so here’s a timely list of how these big ITs fare on health trends:

  1. US is big on Kombucha. Pretty much all major stores stock it, whereas here in the UK, I have yet to find it across any mainstream chains. Next big thing to hit the shelves come autumn-season?
  2. UK has a plethora of gluten-free options. No such thing as GF stands in Canadian supermarkets; hence finding pasta or bread sans the gluten proved quite difficult.
  3. SILK vs ALPRO. When it comes to dairy free milks, these two brands seem to dominate. You could always count on a Silk option in Canada, just like Alpro cartons are usually the only ones to make the cut within smaller grocers here in the UK. What’s more, US cartons are so large compared to their British counterparts – which come in a choice of 1L, at most.
  4. YOGI teas! They’re so different – first time I came across a US Yogi Tea box, I was truly shook! Compared to the European version, which arrives in a pretty, solid, ayurveda-ish looking packaging – the US one comes across as quite flimsy. Those cool quotes with every teabag, that we all love, are printed on a basic white patch of paper – seriously hinder the whole magic.

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