Here’s your weekly digest of yummy food pictures + precious lessons we can all learn about clean eating and conscious food choices!

Week 4 of 2018


berry bowl, with vegan yogurt and lots of coconut flakes on top!
acai bowl, made with coconut yogurt – the bread was only used as a prop πŸ™‚
fresh fruit and vegan ice cream…


During the week, I wake up super early (5.32 am) and go to school from 7-1pm everyday, so what I do is bring some tea (herbal: ginger, cinnamon & roiboos, dandy), coconut water and some fruit to snack on. Ideally, if I have a slow day, I only start eating at noon, giving my body plenty of time to heal and detox.

SMART CHOICES: liquids, such as tea, coconut water, or cold pressed juices are so good for the body, helping alleviate the lymphatic acidosis and hydrating profoundly, at cell level.

If you have fruit, try make it exciting, by adding shredded coconut on top which makes it so crunchy and yummy and fun!

UNHAPPY CHOICES: I’ve been going out for breakfast a few times and got acai bowls (quite happy with this, just that the vegan yogurt is a bit too processed and heavy) or something called MATCHA BABE=fresh fruit & vegan ice cream.Β This was an unhappy idea, because the vegan ice cream proved too processed and complicated for my body.


GF avocado toast – with an egg on top!
Namaste zoodles πŸ™‚
chilaquiles – a Mexican dish
cute vegan soup πŸ™‚

The avocado toast (with an egg on top!!) was not a happy choice, because it’s our own personal CANDIDA that craves bad carbs such as bread (or substitutes, such as the GF toast in this case). A lot of smelly farts and gas after this meal πŸ™

The chilaquiles – a traditional Mexican meal – a confusing combo of nachos+spicy salsa+beans+onions+avocado was another unhappy choice. Too complicated, too difficult, too energy consuming. Generating smelly farts and bad skin, too!

The Namaste Zoodles (zucchini noodles with asparagus, tiny pieces of tofu and sun dried tomatoes) were great; only thing I’d change is the oil element, I do not add any type of oils to the foods I eat.

Lastly, that cute soup (pumpkin and spinach) was vegan, I am being told, and super yummy. I don’t like sprouts in general, but the tiny bit in the centre of this soup was yum!

Let me know how you like this type of posts – or any changes you’d like to see next time πŸ™‚

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