I’m here to confess to you the many times I had waited to be saved – how my saviour never came – and how I shall not be expecting external salvage from now on.

Let’s explain and expand a bit. What do I mean by waiting/wanting to be saved?

Making outside people, other than you, responsible for your own personal salvage/healing/advancement.

Yes, it’s true, separation and isolation won’t take you far way, either. And most of the time, you do need the right people in your life for the right solution or resolution to work wonders. So how do you go about it? Engage in co-creation, as opposed to codependency!

Co-creation acknowledges the truth that we already have and know everything we could ever need to. It also allows us to stay open to expected and unexpected sources of Abundance, which is eventually manifested as physical Prosperity.

Fantasising about the things one famous INSTAGRAMMER – who’s just liked your latest picture – could do to benefit you only represents a very limited view of how success could play out for you.

Fantasising about the loving life your latest TINDER MATCH – whom you’ve only seen once before they ghosted you – could offer you, only shuts you down to life’s endless routes to true love and possibly mirrors deep-seated abandonment fears. I know it does for me…

Fantasising about what MORE MONEY, BETTER HEALTH, INFLUENTIAL CONNECTIONS could do for you in terms of safety, belonging, and approval usually reflects a desperate cry for love. For self-love, and forgiveness and acceptance. And, although it’s painful to admit, you are the only one that can give you all that.

Waiting to be saved is so very tempting because it really looks like the sweet shortcut to joy and bliss. It places all responsibility on an outside saviour – yet, in reality, I’ve found that such a behaviour only scares people away. We’re all here on a personal journey of healing. Would you be willing to put yours on hold and go do the work for somebody else? Right, of course you wouldn’t. How about embarking on a shared loving journey where you get to heal and become more of who you are, together? Now THAT might work work out well 🙂

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