It is my intention to grow and expand my emotional library this year. Being able to point out specific emotions helps identify exactly what needs healing. Having an extensive emotional library also equips us with clarity, which is quintessential to manifesting the goodness we dream for. So let’s learn about being EXCEPTIONAL today!

In my experience, being exceptional feels incredibly good. Doing things in an outstanding fashion and knowing full well that I’ve given my best leaves me feeling honoured and valued.

Throughout the years I have realised exceptional energy only exists in my life when I cherish my time and make sure I don’t waste it. Discipline – even though I used to hate and repel it – does attract exceptional results. Holding yourself graciously every second of the day and exuding elegance with every word and thought and deed also invites exceptional into everyday reality.

To be exceptional, in my experience, is to freely express creativity: ideas manifesting into magnetic results, which feel liquid and uncontrollably euphoric.

Living in an inner, deeper state of exceptional takes me back to my radiant, exuberant, euphoric, ecstatic self – captivated with just how brilliant and sensational human potential is.

If you’re feeling the vibe of this weekly spiritual practice, do join in every Monday. I promise you’ll learn a lot about expressing your highest truth! It doesn’t have to be hard, and we’re stronger together, so have fun and know that you’ll be better off by the end of it ?

We Let it be, and so it is!

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