These last few days I have had to process a great deal of low-vibration feelings and emotions. But… there’s a blessing to every situation – and the revelation I had was this: heal the vengeful inner child.

We are never angry because of what we think we’re angry for: every stressful event is merely an enabler, which triggers and brings up that very first time we got to experience feelings of helplessness, abandonment, and so on.

For me, being a child who couldn’t physically stand up for or defend himself left behind deep scars and profound trauma. To this day, my cellular memory still retains vivid memories and imprints of feeling helpless.

Now, what can we do about this detrimental energy? We can’t destroy it, but we can manipulate, move and shift it. And the way we can do that is by:

Trusting: trusting the process of life, trusting a higher force (God, Universe, etc.), its vested interest in our very own well-being, and trusting everything happens for our highest good. How exactly do we trust, you ask? By…

Praying: if you pray a supplication prayer (i.e.: where you beg for something), make sure to refrain from dictating any specific ways by which that which you’re asking for shall reach you. Your vision and my vision are limited by our own humaneness, so let Divinity/Life/Force provide through expected and unexpected ways. Now… if you’re not praying a supplication prayer, very good on you! That means you’re giving thanks and staying grateful before anything even gets to happen, which might very well be the greatest display of trust.

Elevating: elevating our own vibration, and getting to a higher vibration (which is where love, abundance, peace, fun and all those other goodies navigate about) allows us to reach and attain the very things we long for. You can elevate your vibrational energy by staying away from negative people, news, places and situations. Essential oils, time in nature, stillness, devotion, and meditation all elevate your vibration and take you one step closer to realising your full vision.


  • Dear Tudor, until two weeks ago I was not aware of the enormous harm small things that happend in my childhood had done to me. It is precisely this inability to defend myself, or have someone defend me openly that made me close my heart, freeze (the suffering, the guild, the lack of power) and eventually shut down the emotion. The issues with this type of protection is that it shuts down the ability to live, to experience all type of feelings, emotions, both good and bad. Therefore I’ve become less sensitive, objective, rationale, cold blood, indifferent….whatever. Until recently, when someone had the ability to look down inside me, to see and aknowledge my hurt, to make me feel understood. From there on, I was able to rediscover joy, pure laughter and smiling from within. If you’re interested to find out more, I’ll let you know more details of his programs in Bucharest. PS: I seldom comment on posts and we’re also colleagues on 5D School. I wrote this just for you.

    • Thank you, my dear Mirela! I am very happy you reached out and offered this suggestion 🙂 I will be in the UK until June, but I am happy to keep in mind the info and details on this program you’re telling me about! Thank you, sending you my love and light <3

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