Every time you eat, ask yourself this: WHAT IS THE JOB TO BE DONE (or JTBD)?

What job are you trying to get done, by going out to the places your friends rave about, by buying the food you crave, or by getting the drinks you’re quite addicted to?

From my very own compulsive eating patterns, I have discovered these main jobs that we’re trying to get done when eating:

1) Emotional Jobs: that’s when you feel bored, confused, betrayed, stood up, broken down and so on. Generally speaking, we’re not equipped with the right (read healthy) tools required to process such ‘low energy’ emotions. They often overwhelm us, and food’s become the go-to option for the modern-day depleted human.

You can easily recognise emotional thanks to the guilty aftertaste they leave behind.

2) Social Jobs: workplace, school projects, friendly catch-ups, annual family reunions are all prime examples of social job generators. You do it onlyย partly because you have to – truth is you also lowkeyย like it. Who doesn’t love living the IG ready life – cute coffee dates, a candid matcha moment, lush gelato stops, popping bagel brunches, and the lost goes on.

How can you tell apart a social job? By that poignant feeling of ‘Ahhh, I’ll look so bad if I say no. Like, will they ever wanna hang again if I don’t come this time?’…

3) Fear jobs: so many of us buy specific foods and develop certain eating habits out of pure fear – of getting ill, of lacking nutrients, of being less than, and so on…

You’re eating out of a fear job when you feel physical stress and experience a state of unrest, or when you mentally convince yourself you MUST have IT, no matter the price.


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