My poop stinks, and my skin breaks out; I feel like a gross pig and promise myself not to do ever do it again. That’s pretty much the after mayhem of a meal out, and I would love to explore a bit on why that happens:

  1. Food is information. When eating out, food is most often than not prepared in busy kitchens by stressed out chefs, handled by overworked staff, and brought over by disgruntled servers. Naturally, meals end up vibrationally unbalanced. Not exactly the sort of information our bodies thrive on.
  2. Maximum results with minimum effort. That’s how we’re designed to function, and copious combos, such as dessert right after the main, violate this very basic principle.
  3. Drinking and eating is just as dangerous as drinking and driving, and bloated tummies are a direct consequence of that.
  4. Gluttony hurts. And most of us are guilty of it when eating out.
  5. Processed is confusing. Anything processed, meaning different from its natural state, confuses the body. Eating some fresh coconut is easy, digesting a coconut curry – and all the added sauces, salt, flavourings, preservatives, maltodextrin, and so on – isn’t. Cause of how messed up and unnatural it all looks like to the already stressed out, overly abused human body.
  6. Eating consciously. This is not only vital for proper digestion – but also the exact opposite of how we actually eat out in real life: quickly, hectically, ignorantly, immersed in a sea of white noise.

So I am always amazed at the power social conditioning, powerful childhood memories, familiar traditions and  mental neurological links our brains’ve developed over time have in making us put ourselves through such a ‘traumatising’ experience over and over again – ironically, for the sake of fun and some good time 😉 Isn’t life wonderful, you get to learn something from literally everything!

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