I am pregnant with possibility, so what does the future hold for me? And what are some of my current intentions? It’s time for a fun post now so enjoy this exposé!

1) Move into a creative existence: I have long suspected big part of my calling in life has to do with stripping myself naked (of fears, insecurities) and putting myself out there. As I continue my ‘cleansing’ work for the better half of 2017, I am increasingly getting clearer as to what my future creative journey entails.

2) Live good: there’s this strong, multi-sensory vision that I keep getting, enticing me to just live the good life – no stress, just carefree living. Think when the main lead in a movie leaves everything behind and just starts anew, no worries at all, just pure enjoyment. That’s what I’m being told lately.

3) Therapy: there’s a little therapist getting ripened up within me, which excites me, because that’s something I know I am good at.

4) Sun and Nature: more and more of my daily life will be taking place outside, where I feel sun-kissed, significantly calmer, more grounded and a bit more centred.

5) Writing: I am now writing something… penning up chapters instead of just blog posts 🙂

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